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Top Hung Window

Hinged at the top of an outer frame and opens towards the outside


Side Hung Windows

Hinged on the side and open towards the outside

Stacking/Fold Windows

  • Slides along a track and stacks into the wall at the end or makes a turn and then stacks into a remote location.
  • This allows you to achieve breathtaking views without mullions or bars interrupting the sight line.

Tilt & Turn Windows

  • A window that has two functions: It can either tilt inwards then turn, or turn then tilt inwards. It tilts inwards, rather than outwards, to allow natural airflow.
  • Combines modern styling with the ability to provide easy ventilation and cleaning options.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Provides improved top and bottom ventilation in rooms; stagnant air is exhausted at the top and fresh air is drawn in from the bottom, and cleaning the glass is very easy from inside of your room.


Horizontal Sliding Window

Opens horizontally from one side to the other, providing easy access to fresh air.


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